Journal Club & Seminars

Seminars are on Tuesday mornings from 9-10am. Streaming and archived seminars are available for viewing with MyAccess credentials at the following links: Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Spring 2017, Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title Location Lab/Institution
9/26/17 Som Chatterjee Novel mechianisms that control beta-lactam resistance in Staphylococcus aureus N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF-ZSFG
10/3/17 Tiffany Scharschmidt Establishing immune tolerance to skin bacteria: The microbe matters N-217 (Parnassus)  UCSF - Scharschmidt Lab
10/10/17 Alexis Kaushansky The Battle Between Intracellular Pathogens and Their Hosts: Insights from Malaria Liver Stage and Beyond N-217 (Parnassus)  CID Research
10/17/17 Ralph Isberg Control of host cell tubular endoplasmic reticulum function by Legionella pneumophila N-217 (Parnassus)  Tufts
10/24/17 Jordan Bisanz

The effects of very low-calorie diet on gut microbiome composition and function

N-217 (Parnassus)   UCSF - Turnbaugh Lab
10/31/17 Weihan Li

Ire1 RNase specificity separates the transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of ER protein homeostasis

N-217 (Parnassus)   UCSF - Walter Lab
11/7/17 Joseph Hiatt A CRISPR-Cas9 approach to identifying and characterizing host-pathogen interactions N-217 (Parnassus)   UCSF - Marson Lab
11/14/17 Shahzada Khan Mucosal antiviral immunity to Zika virus N-217 (Parnassus)   UCSF - Sanjabi Lab
11/21/17 Christoph Schneider The tuft cell - ILC2 circuit enables small intestinal adaptability to eukaryotic pathosymbionts N-217 (Parnassus)   UCSF - Locksley Lab
11/28/17 Sophia Levan Gut-microbiome-derived 12, 13 DiHOME promotes atopy in neonates N-217 (Parnassus)   UCSF - Lynch Lab
12/5/17 Michael Bassik Development of new CRISPR/Cas9-based tools to study drug interactions and endocytic pathogens N-217 (Parnassus)  Stanford
12/12/17 Forest Rohwer Star Trekking: An Individualized-Monics to Phage Therapy Pipeline for the Clinic N-217 (Parnassus)  SDSU
12/19/17  Holiday n/a n/a n/a
12/26/17  Holiday n/a n/a n/a
1/2/18  Holiday n/a n/a n/a
1/9/18 Horia Todar TBA N-217 (Parnassus)  UCSF - Gross Lab
1/16/18 Andrea Gramatica TBA N-217 (Parnassus)  UCSF - GreeneLab
1/23/18 Craig Roy TBA N-217 (Parnassus)  Yale
1/30/18 Denise Monack TBA N-217 (Parnassus)  Stanford
2/6/18 Lauren Rodriguez TBA N-217 (Parnassus)  UCSF - Sil Lab
2/13/18 Lina Leon TBA N-217 (Parnassus)  UCSF - Bondy-Denomy Lab
2/20/18 Sebastian Winter TBA N-217 (Parnassus)  UT Southwestern
2/27/18 Andy Goodman TBA N-217 (Parnassus)  Yale
3/6/18 Pallavi Penumetcha TBA N-217 (Parnassus)  UCSF - Nobel Lab
3/13/18 Elaine Hsaio TBA N-217 (Parnassus)  UCLA
3/20/18 Marc Potempa TBA N-217 (Parnassus)  UCSF - Lanier Lab
3/27/18 Harris Wang TBA N-217 (Parnassus)  Columbia
4/3/18 Krisna Van Dyke TBA    Chou
4/10/18 Joe Mougous TBA    University of Washington
4/17/18 David Weiss TBA    Emory
4/24/18 Alan Hauser TBA    Northwestern
5/1/18 Elias Cornejo-Warner TBA    UCSF - Mukherjee Lab
5/8/18 Sara Sunshine TBA    UCSF - Derisi Lab
5/15/18 Khavong Pha TBA    UCSF - Engel Lab
5/22/18 Nicole Poweleit TBA    UCSF - Rosenberg Lab