Journal Club & Seminars

Seminars are on Tuesday mornings from 9-10am. Streaming and archived seminars are available for viewing with MyAccess credentials at the following links: Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title Location Lab/Institution
9/27/16 Matthew Welch Mobilization of the actin cytoskeleton by microbial pathogens N-729 (Parnassus) UC Berkeley
10/4/16 Nikole Kimes Childhood Allergic Asthma, the Gut Microbiome, and the Potential for Microbial Therapeutics N-729 (Parnassus) UCSF - Lynch Lab
10/11/16 Yvonne Kapila Biomedical Applications of Bacteriocins N-729 (Parnassus) UCSF - School of Dentistry
10/18/16 Justin Sonnenburg   N-729 (Parnassus) Stanford
10/25/16 Seemay Chou   N-729 (Parnassus) UCSF
11/1/16 Dusan Bogunovic   N-729 (Parnassus) MSSM
11/8/16 Hanna Retallack   N-729 (Parnassus) UCSF - DeRisi Lab
11/15/16 Jessica Witchley   N-729 (Parnassus) UCSF - Noble Lab
11/22/16 Jessica Sherry   N-729 (Parnassus) UCSF - Engel Lab
11/29/16 Renee Tsolis   N-729 (Parnassus) UC Davis
12/6/16 Alexander Marson   N-729 (Parnassus) UCSF
12/13/16 Kirthana Mysore Vasudevarao Sindhe   N-729 (Parnassus) UCSF - Rosenthal Lab
12/20/16   Holiday    
12/27/16   Holiday    
1/3/17   Holiday    
1/17/17 Gerry Wright Diversity and Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance  N-217 (Parnassus) McMaster University
1/24/17 Ari Molofsky    N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF
1/31/17 Sunny Shin Overcoming bacterial virulence strategies to enable robust immune defense  N-217 (Parnassus) U Penn
2/7/17 Erica Saphire    N-217 (Parnassus) Scripps Research Institute
2/14/17 Cierra Spencer    N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - Sullam Lab
2/21/17 Adair Borges    N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - Bondy-Denomy Lab
2/28/17 Michael Diamond    N-217 (Parnassus) Washington University
3/7/17 Elizabeth Bess    N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - Turnbaugh Lab
3/14/17 Emily Patricia Balskus    N-217 (Parnassus) Harvard
3/21/17 Mary O'Riordan    N-217 (Parnassus) U Mich
3/28/17 Stephanie Moquin    N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - JJ Miranda Lab
4/4/17 Ivan Marazzi Epigenetic- and chromatin- mediated control of gene expression in the context of cellular response to pathogens or cellular differentiation  N-217 (Parnassus) MSSM
4/11/17 Victor Torres Staphylococcus aureus bi-component leukotoxins: not just leukocyte killers  N-217 (Parnassus) NYUMC
4/18/17 Julie Pfeiffer How gut microbes enhance enteric virus infection  N-217 (Parnassus) UT Southwestern
4/25/17 Ben Rauch Bacteriophage de-activates CRISPR-Cas9 in Listeria monocytogenes  N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - Bondy-Denomy Lab
5/2/17 Kimberley Seed Fighting with phages: How epidemic Vibrio cholerae defends against viral attack  N-217 (Parnassus) UC Berkeley
5/9/17 Nihal Altan-Bonnet Viral propagation in vesticles: pooped out of pathogenic?  N-217 (Parnassus) NIH
5/16/17 Melissa Leger  Found in translation: Targeting protein synthesis in problem pathogens”  N-217 (Parnassus) Harvard Med School
5/23/17 Sam Miller Are pathogenic bacteria just looking for food?  N-217 (Parnassus) U of Washington
5/30/17 Lenette Lu A functional role for antibodies in Tuberculosis  N-217 (Parnassus) Harvard and Mass General