Journal Club & Seminars

Seminars are on Tuesday mornings from 9-10am. Streaming and archived seminars are available for viewing with MyAccess credentials at the following links: Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Fall 2018

Date Speaker Title Location Lab/Institution
9/11/18 Peggy Cotter CDI System-Mediated Cooperation, Competition, and DNA Transposition in Burkholderia N-217 (Parnassus) UNC Chapel Hill
9/18/18 Elif Karagoz Sensing and responding to protein folding stress in the Endoplasmic Reticulum N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - Walter Lab
9/25/18 Joel Ernst An unconventional host-pathogen arms race in tuberculosis N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - Ernst Lab
10/2/18 Mark Voorhies Transcriptional Regulation of Thermal Dimorphism in Histoplasma capsulatum N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - Sil Lab
10/9/18 & 10/10/18 Michi Taga

Corrinoids in Communities: Nutrient Sharing in the Microbial World

N-217 (Parnassus) on 10/9/18

Treasure Island Conference Room (CZ Biohub) on 10/10/18

 UC Berkeley
10/16/18 Kelsey Haas

Systems Biology Approaches to Identify Influenza a Virus Mechanisms for Host Shutoff

N-217 (Parnassus)  UCSF - Krogan Lab
10/23/18 Senan Mendoza  A Phage’s Nucleus-like Structure Confers Pan-resistance to Bacterial Immune Systems N-217 (Parnassus)  UCSF - Bondy-Denomy Lab
10/30/18 Margaret Alexander Using diet to alter immune activation by Eggerthella lenta metabolites: eating away at autoimmunity    N-217 (Parnassus)  UCSF - Turnbaugh Lab
11/6/18 Yan Zhang   N-217 (Parnassus)  UCSF - Gross Lab
11/13/18 Beatrice Osuna   N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - Bondy-Denomy Lab
11/20/18 Engel Lab   N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - Engel Lab
11/27/18 Pauline Basso   N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - Noble Lab
12/4/18  Sara Cherry   N-217 (Parnassus) U Penn
12/11/18  Kristine Trotta   N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - Chou Lab
12/18/18 Elze Rackaityte   N-217 (Parnassus) UCSF - Lynch Lab
12/25/18 n/a      
1/1/19 n/a      
1/8/19 n/a      
1/15/19 Sara Sunshine   TBD  UCSF - DeRisi Lab
1/22/19 Elizabeth Grice   TBD  U Penn
1/29/19 Oscar Aguilar   TBD  UCSF - Lanier Lab
2/5/19 Marvin Duvlsaint   TBD UCSF - Rosenthal Lab
2/12/19 Jeanmarie Gonzalez   TBD  UCSF - Sharschmidt Lab
2/19/19 Kim Lewis   TBD  Northwestern
2/26/19 Ephraim Tsalik   TBD  Duke
3/5/19 Eric Dang   TBD  UCSF - Madhani Lab
3/12/19 Zemer Gitai   TBD  Princeton
3/19/19 Igor Brodsky   TBD  U Penn
3/26/19 Norma Andrews   TBD  University of Maryland
4/2/19 Paola Soto Perez   TBD UCSF - Turnbaugh Lab
4/9/19 Guatam Dantes   TBD  Washington University
4/16/19 Jim Kronstad   TBD  UBC
4/23/19 Nadia Herrera   TBD  UCSF - Rosenberg Lab
4/30/19 Ujjwal Rathore


TBD  UCSF - Marson Lab
5/7/19 Harmit Malik


TBD  Fred Hutch
5/14/19 Susan Gottesman   TBD NIH
5/21/19 Julia Noack   TBD UCSF - Mukherjee Lab